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We understand not everyone is ready to make a decision immediately.

Most of us just want to find out more before we consider further.

We'll play the objective advisory role you need.

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We have seen and talked to countless agents, including the very top producers. Being particular about numbers & sales gimmicks, it was hard for us to trust them. But after interacting with TT, we felt that we could trust him the most because of his sincerity and honesty, as well as his vast market knowledge, and we know that we can depend on him for our property investment journey for many years to come.

- Mr & Mrs Boey

TT is an easy-going, yet knowledgeable person who does not apply any forms of sales pressure tactics. After understanding the market sentiments, we took our time to analyse and browse the different developments before I eventually found my dream unit and TT helped me worked out the numbers to ensure that I was in a safe position to enter into the market. Will definitely recommend him for an objective assessment!

- Mr Jay Tan


We have previously engaged a few agents to market our HDB flat, but most of them were only interested in getting a deal done and not hearing us out. After talking to TT, we felt that he understood our needs and was able to help us plan our timeline carefully, along with working out our finances to make sure we could afford our dream property. It only felt right to let him market our property exclusively and soon enough, 1 week later, we found the right buyer and committed straight to our new dream resort-style home.

- Mr & Mrs S

I've been looking around many new developments for my own stay, that can also have great investment potential so that I can exit safely with good profits next time. After listening to TT's recommendations and scrutinizing the unit choices, I finally settled on my choice unit and ended the tedious home-searching process. Really glad to have TT's help in my home search journey and now I'm looking forward to the completion of my new home!

- Mr E 


I wanted to take it slow and learn more about the property market before committing to such a big-ticket item like a condo. TT was knowledgeable and patient in explaining the many concepts and methods of selecting property that have higher potentials of appreciation. Most importantly, he was not pushy to a make a sale and took the time and effort to ensure that I was comfortable and ready to make the big move before we finally settled on this development.

Now that I have finally made my choice, I am thankful I stuck with TT throughout and can't wait to get the keys to my dream home!

- Thompson Yeo

We have always wanted to take the leap of faith to upgrade to a condo, but was always unsure about our financial status to sustain such an investment.

It was only after TT explained the payment details and helped us calculate our financial numbers that we realized that we are financially healthy and capable of taking that leap of faith! 

And we did!!

Thank you TT for your effort for us!

- Mr & Mrs Chong

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I came across some of  TT's online new launch analysis and found his insights refreshing and honest.

After contacting him and informing him on the constraints and needs that I have, he quickly narrowed down my search to just 3 developments, but not before explaining why other developments may not be such a good buy for me.

Now that I've managed to secure this undervalued unit of my choice, I'm grateful that I trusted my instincts to talk to TT and it paid off!

- Alan Lim

The whole processing of selecting an investment property that is suitable for me to stay and also let my property value was intimidating.

TT was always there to help me in every single step of the way: from explaining how to select the best development for capital gain to choosing the actual unit.

Give him a chance to work with you, and I am certain he will be the right guy you're looking for!

- Megan Lim

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TT comes across as someone who is straightforward and honest with his no-fluff and data-driven approach to property analysis.

We were just thinking of making an investment in the property market, expecting to it to be a long-drawn research process. However, TT manages to cut short our whole process by simply showing us the numbers, to the extent that after just one week of looking around the market, and only one showflat visit, we've already set our mind on what we wanted, even without him pushing us.

It certainly helped that his numbers approach appealed to our profession as accountants particularly haha! 

Thanks for making our search so easy!

- Mr & Mrs J

We got to know TT through his youtube videos on property analysis, and found his perspective on the property market very logical and objective.

After approaching him and having a long discussion on the opportunities in the market, he gave us time to go back for our own research and didn't pressurize us to commit to anything at all.

While we had our concerns about entering the market now, his data and fact-finding skills gave us the assurance that our choice was definitely going to be the right pick!

The best part is it all happened in a single week cause we knew we had to act fast!

Thank you for your help and assurance!

- Mr & Mrs M

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I've consulted many agents and many of them could not give me a convincing factor why I should trust them with the biggest item on my investment portfolio.

After watching TT's youtube channel on property analysis, I realised that his data analysis methods makes the most sense to me and I felt more comfortable approaching him for help.

Hence it didn't take me long afterwards to decide what I needed for my investment property with TT's help!

- Mr Lim

This is our first move into our private property investing journey to build our assets, and with so much market noises and agents' sales talk, it is natural for us to have a lot of doubts and concerns.

After speaking with many other agents and comparing their perspectives, we found TT's to be the most practical and conservative with his No-BS, no pressure tactics, data-driven approach. All of our concerns were clarified with official data, leaving room for little doubt to put our trust in him.

TT has definitely earned our trust and we believe he is capable to help us succeed in our long asset journey ahead. We're very happy to have engaged him and we looking forward to our positive long-term friendship together :)

Mr & Mrs N

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Like many others, we went through several agents before we decided to go along with TT.

What made us feel he was different was that he was attentive to our needs and did our financial calculations very carefully to help us feel assured that making our first move towards a private condo was a secure one.

He will never pushy and was sensitive to our concerns, which we think are common for most first-timers.

Overall, we are very gla to have trusted TT as our agent to plan and execute our asset progression journey!

Mr & Mrs A

TT helped us sell our HDB at a record price in a short span of time, and through his detailed financial calculations...we realised we could actually afford a condo entirely from our HDB sale proceeds without further use of our savings, yet without excessively straining our financial capability!

We trust in his property analysis for us so much that we only visited a grand total of 2 showflats in the same day and quickly made up our minds to proceed with our dream condo selection!

Mr & Mrs M

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Proven & Consistent Track Record

Gratitude to Our Clients

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