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Looking back 5 years later...Would you regret your choices?

Met one of my clients recently.

Him: “TT I kinda of regretted my property purchase”

Me: “Why?”

Him: “Should have bought a bigger unit instead”

Me: “So what makes you think that way?”

Him: “Last time more risk averse, worry too much. Now my property value appreciated quite abit...Feel should have bought a bigger unit”


Most of us would choose opt for something we are more comfortable now.

No right or wrong for that.

After all, everyone have

risk appetites.

Just an observation that buyers tend to not take into account how our future finances would be like, and how our asset appreciation would provide us the level of comfort from the delayed gratification that we choose to put ourselves through now.

Interestingly, some of the high net-worth clients (who started from scratch) I had the fortune of knowing and conversing with, shared with me how they threw everything they had into their properties last time and only left 4-figures in their bank accounts. (Some even went to borrow money for the downpayment)

And for now, they are sitting on the sweet fruits of their courage at that point in time.

I wouldn’t recommend everyone to do the same as what they did now, especially with all the cooling measures nowadays.

Though we may need ask ourselves:

“Are we taking up enough “risks” now that we won’t be regretting our decisions in the years to come?”

This question struck me hard as I looked back at settling for a resale HDB over an EC (or even a private condo) just 5 years back, choosing to be very comfortable.

5 years later, with paper losses even before MOP ends, its pretty clear whether I regretted my decision back then.


Now that the developers have staged up the prices and provided built in profits for my client even before he obtains the keys, im sure he’ll be glad in the near future that he took that leap of faith a couple of years back.

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