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Your Trusted Real Estate Partner

TT (Tze Tian) Lum is a Real Estate Consultant and Investor who specializes in the Singapore Property Market.

Based on his strength in elaborate financial calculations and planning, TT believes in the thorough use of relevant data & logical thinking to help others analyze perhaps the biggest financial commitment of their lives. As such, real estate is also one of the most important tools of wealth accumulation for most people when their assets are utilized efficiently.

With the Singapore Government closely monitoring and regulating the real estate market in recent years, the days of Passive Property Investing have passed. There is a pressing need for owners to engage in Active Property Investing, keeping themselves updated on the market trends in order to stay profitable.

An avid investor and researcher of the real estate market, TT possesses a deep curiosity in analyzing the behaviours of the diverse range of properties in Singapore. He believes strongly in leading by example through intense research with action, and ultimately aims to forge a close network of property investors who are always on the prowl for good deals to enhance their financial wealth.

When it comes to commitment and dedication, you can be confident that TT's work ethic will stand out. Never one to keep his network waiting for updates and replies, he takes initiatives to make them feel at ease with him on their real estate journey. With his former history as an educator, you can be assured that he approaches every client's case from an angle of property education with utmost care and sincerity.


What We Do


Real Estate
Wealth Planning

Asset Progression
Portfolio Optimization
Retirement Planning

Suggest and provide roadmaps towards  using properties to
effectively accumulate wealth 

Provide analysis, review, evaluation, and guidance for client's real estate investment strategy

Provide up-to-date information of
the real estate market and
government policies

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Rental and Tenancy Transactions

Facilitating Long &
Short Term Leases

Assists landlords with the marketing
of rental properties

Provide tenants with recommendations  & rental of properties

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Sale and Purchase Transactions

Budget Calculations

Manage Buy/Sell Procedures

Negotiation Processes

Provide buyers with
customised recommendations & purchase of properties

Assists sellers with the marketing & sales of properties

Assists sellers with home staging & enhancement of property value

Advise on mortgage loan financing solutions

LUM TZE TIAN (TT LUM) 91499929aaa



T t l u m

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